The little jumpers get Blitz Air Park all to themselves... and they LOVE it!

We have special blocks of time for our jumpers under 46" tall! Junior Jumpers have the park to themselves during these times:

Friday 10:00am to Noon

Sunday 9:00am to 10:30am

$14 For the entire session!

Parents may accompany children onto the courts during Toddler Time but may not jump with them!

A parent may walk on the pads between the trampolines to be close to their child; however, for the safety of the Toddlers, parents may not jump on the trampolines. The little bodies cannot safely absorb the energy an adult creates on the trampolines. We appreciate your understanding!

ONLY for jumpers under 46" Tall. This ensures the safety and fun for all toddlers!!

Call for more information!

Click HERE to reserve your Toddler Time ticket!