Do socks come with all party packages?


Is the party child included in the base of 10 jumpers?


What do I put down for a payment to book a party?

We will require payment in full at the time of booking.

Can parents/adults jump with the party?

If the party is running during open jump hours, then anyone over 40" can join.

Do you have access to the trampoline courts and the ninja course during a party?

Yes, the party guests may spend their time however they want. They can go back and forth between the trampoline courts and the ninja course as they wish.

What supplies do you provide?

We provide plastic utensils, plastic cups, paper plates, tablecloths and napkins. We also have various kitchenware like knives, spatulas, pizza cutters as well as lighters and small candles.

How much is it to add more jumpers if I have more than 10?

$20 per person. Since all sales are final we recommend that you don't pay for more than 10 unless you know for a fact how many are going to come. If there ends up being more than 10 we will change the number and balance accordingly on the day of the party and you can settle up on your way out.

What time can I get in to set up my room?

About 10 minutes before your party is called down; 45-60 mins after you arrive. If we do not have any parties before yours then you may be able to get in sooner, but because of our many parties rotating throughout the day we cannot guarantee an exact amount of time.

Can I put up decorations in my room/do you supply any?

We supply tablecloths that match the room color. If you would like to decorate in any other way you are free to do so. Do not use tape or push pins on the walls.

Is there anything I cannot bring to the party/in the park?

No balloons, pinatas, or confetti. We also have a strict no firearms policy, so if you carry one we ask you to please leave it outside of the building.

What if most of my jumpers are under 40" tall?

You will have to book/reschedule to a Toddler Party. Unfortunately we cannot let anyone under 40" tall out during open jump to keep the little ones safe.

What if some of my guests have younger siblings who would like to jump, but don't meet the height requirement?

They won't be able to jump. We strictly enforce our 40" height requirement policy to ensure the safety of smaller ones. However we have a Toddler Room with a couch, TV, and some toys that they are free to hang out in. We also have an arcade in the Lobby area that they can play games in!

Can I bring food/have it delivered or do I have to order through you?

You are free to bring any food/drinks you would like. If alcohol is brought, we ask that you please keep it inside your party room and not anywhere else in the park. You can order pizzas through us at $14 a box and buy juice boxes for $1 each as well.

Where do you get your pizza from?

The Shanty in Portsmouth.

How far in advance should I call if I want to add pizza to my party?

48 hours

Where can I store food that I bring with me?

We have a fridge, freezer, and pizza warmer. Bring it to the front desk when you arrive and a staff member will put it in the kitchen for you.

What if I want to reschedule my party?

You can reschedule at any time with no cost. We cannot guarantee your preferred day and time, but the option is always available.

What if I have to cancel my party?

If you would like to cancel and get a full refund, we ask you to do it a week prior to your party date. If you cannot make it due to bad weather conditions (like a blizzard) we will reschedule it.

What if I already scheduled/paid for a party and you run a sale afterwards?

All payments are final, however if this is to happen we can give you a gift card of the equal amount the sale offers. You can use this towards extra jumpers, food, merchandise, or jump time a different day.

Is it still $20 per jumper to add on while you're running your $100 off party sale?