Show Off Your Dunking Skills at Blitz Air Park

Visit us to try your hand at trampoline dodgeball and basketball in Portsmouth, NH


Blitz Air Park Dodge Ball is your chance to take out the competition. Join in a game to dodge your opponents while bouncing off the trampoline walls with your teammates. There's nowhere for the enemy to hide in the fully enclosed court, but it's not easy to hit a flying target. Keep an eye out for tournaments and ask us about a private party to challenge your friends. Get in a game today!

We have everything you need to pick up a game with your friends and have a blast. What are you waiting for? Take a look at the trampoline dodgeball court at Blitz Air Park in Portsmouth, NH now.


Tap into your inner baller on Blitz Air Park's Basketball Dunk courts. The courts have their hoops set at different heights to get everyone in the game. Fly to the hoop like your favorite player or challenge a friend to match your skills. Come on in to nail the dunk of your dreams.

Challenge your friends to a dunking contest. Pretend you're a famous basketball player. The trampoline basketball court at Blitz Air Park is where you can nail the dunk of your dreams.